A transformative experience.

Laura has a gentle and safe approach, which allowed me to re-claim my creativity. It has been a transformative experience.” 

Clearing early trauma with much patience and perception

I originally came to see Pia for help with my singing voice, but actually she  has helped with an unhelpful, asthmatic breathing habit – clearing early trauma with much patience and perception. I sing better too!
I recommend working with her.

Held by Lucy’s calm and healing presence

I first went to see Lucy a year or so after my husband died. Although I felt I was coping well with my loss, I was aware I was unable to breathe deeply. From the start I felt held by Lucy’s calm and healing presence. She has an amazing intuitive wisdom: she ‘listens with her hands’ and asks gentle but searching questions that have allowed me to understand myself better, including my not always healthy coping strategies.  I have experienced positive shifts in the way I cope with life’s challenges, reaching out when I need support and I am able to breathe more deeply – at least some of the time!

Releasing long held blockages

This body work is so important for releasing long held blockages and “remembering”  who I really am – and I know that I am allowed to work this deeply and honestly because of the skill and quality of listening and holding that Lucy offers. I trust her completely and recognise the very real gift of our subtle and impactful work together.

Elegant and profound body therapy sessions

In these elegant and profound body therapy sessions. I believe that our bodies store all of our (often unheard) life wisdom – and her way of working allows me to feel safe and held as my physical self trusts and breathes and reveals hidden truths that come to the surface for healing and integration.

Highlights of my month

My fortnightly sessions with Lucy have fast become one of the highlights of my month. Lucy works in the most gracious and sensitive way – allowing for time, space, presence, listening, sharing and humour too.

In Lucy‘s hands you feel accepted and secure

In Lucy‘s hands you feel accepted and secure.  She will help you find out everything your body already knows. It’s extraordinary. A Rosen session is a profound unwinding like a very deep sleep.  After years of experimenting with everything, I realise this work is all the guidance I will ever need.

A healing experience

Rhythmical Massage Therapy was a healing experience that helped relieve my physical and emotional pain from grief and loss. I felt nurtured and protected, allowing me to reach deep relaxation. Liz has a warm and professional approach.

Chronic Pain relief

Coping with Multiple Sclerosis is very demanding, physically and mentally. This has led me to search for treatments to support me in enhancing my sense of well-being. Rhythmical Massage Therapy with Liz is truly fulfilling this need by: helping to relieve chronic pain; improve my ability to relax and sleep; reducing the anxiety of living with M.S.

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