Therapeutic Speech

Therapeutic Speech 

 The Word - Emily Dickinson

Therapeutic Speech is an artistic therapy. Through speech exercises, poetry, drama, & storytelling, therapeutic speech works with the voice, the breath, and gesture & movement.

Why is this therapeutic and how could it help you?

Speaking engages the breath, the voice, the mind, the ‘self’, and close to a hundred muscles. How we speak has an effect on the whole organism. Speaking reaches ‘down’ into our physiology and ‘up’ into our consciousness. Therapeutic Speech can be balancing, integrating, invigorating, and health promoting.

When can it help?

Working with voice exercises, poetry, dramatic speeches and storytelling can address a variety of health-related issues. Therapeutic Speech offers help in the areas of:

  • Fear, anxiety and depression; stress and self-esteem related issues. ‘Finding one’s voice’ and new ways of using it can help build self-confidence in adults and children;
  • Breathing disorders incl. asthma, hyperventilation, stress-related irregularities;
  • Cardiac and circulatory disorders;
  • Immune weaknesses; recurrent colds etc.;
  • Voice and speech related weaknesses & disorders in children and adults;
  • Support during acute and chronic conditions;
  • Rehabilitation/aftercare with acute and chronic conditions;
  • Salutogenesis and illness prevention.

Therapeutic Speech Sessions

Therapeutic Speech sessions last between 30-50 minutes. A sequence of 12 weekly sessions is recommended. Clients are encouraged to practise their therapy sequence at home.

Therapist : Sibylle Eichstaedt (Bio and contact details available here)

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