Improved circulation and sleep

The simple walking exercise has helped my balance.  Other exercises have helped circulation and my feet feel more alive!  I also sleep better.

Condition much improved

Jane was supportive and well able to demonstrate the exercises to help with rheumatism and arthritis in both my knees.  My condition has much improved!

Jane ‘got me’ as a therapist

Jane ‘got me’ as a therapist.  She is warm and not too reserved.  I enjoy her explanations and verses she uses to accompany exercises.  I now feel I can get to grips with what life throws at me

Somewhat sceptical

I was somewhat sceptical and didn’t know much about Eurythmy when I began a course; I received clear instruction and Jane was patient in exploring things.  I experienced fewer nights of interrupted sleep due to painful leg cramps afterwards

Improved leg cramp

The cramps in my legs have definitely improved by doing the movement exercises.  I am impressed with the efficacy of the therapy

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