Rosen Method Bodywork

Our bodies hold our history, reflecting the ways we have been shaped by our response to our environment. Especially in early life, our posture and whole way of being start to reflect what we feel is demanded of us

If our natural emotional responses are not welcomed we start using muscular tension to hold things back or hold things in. Our breathing and ways of moving and relating to others become restricted and we can start to lose touch with our authentic self

We may sense that it’s not ok for us to make too much noise, to be angry or exuberant. And so we learn to suppress our natural expression. We may sense it’s safer not to be seen, so we learn to tiptoe around or hide

The Rosen Method is a wonderful way of releasing muscular holding patterns in the body and enabling more breath and ease. It works with engaged presence, gentle ‘listening’ touch and simple dialogue to help you to unfold from within.

Our Rosen Method Bodywork practitioner is Lucy Lidell

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