Psychodrama Psychotherapy

What does psychodrama do? Each psychodrama addresses the concerns of the person who is in focus. The range of issues may be wide. With sensitively guided facilitation, participants in psychodrama are helped to examine areas of concern, better understand themselves and their history, resolve loss, overcome fears, improve their relationships, express and integrate blocked thoughts and emotions, practice new skills or prepare for the future.​

How does psychodrama work? The scenes enacted may be based on specific events in a person’s life, their current or past relationships, unfinished situations, desired roles or inner thoughts and conflicts. These scenes include, for example, finally saying goodbye to a loved one, re-visiting a painful time to express previously forbidden emotions, or trying out a new more supportive role.  During a psychodrama, individuals in the group take various roles, as needed. Witnessing and participating in each others personal stories can generate feelings of deep understanding and trust amongst group members.

Our Psychodrama Psychotherapist is Mike Chase

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