Depression is a very common phenomenon. It can occur for a variety of reasons
and triggers. It is not something ‘we can snap out of’ by ‘pulling ourselves
We offer Biographical Counselling at St Luke’s, a unique form of counselling that
encourages clients to create a dialogue with their own life story. By exploring the
interweaving of the past, present and future, clients begin to read the language of
their own biography, and through this discover important life themes. This allows
them to find insight and meaning in their life story, which often encourages them to
find new strength and courage for their present situations and hopefully the future
as well. It is based on the understanding that many of the questions and struggles
we have are also developmental opportunities.
Realising that our own individual experience is important, that our life story is
valuable, that it contains resources for the healing of the trauma or conflict, and is
worth being listened to, within the safety of a therapeutic relationship can
encourage the feeling of renewed and deepened hope.

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