Counselling is offered at St Luke’s Therapy Centre by three Biographical Counsellors and one Psychodynamic/ Biography Work Counsellor.

It offers individuals the opportunity to talk about themselves and the challenges they face in a supportive, confidential and non-judgmental environment. Through the counselling work, by connecting more deeply to their unique life story, individuals are encouraged to work through and with their particular crisis, issue, or important life questions. Exploring the interweaving of the past, present and future may assist individuals to read the language of their biography offering them new insights and meaning, courage and strength to meet their present situation and gain trust in meeting the future.

Forms of Counselling:

Individual is offered by all counsellors

Couple is offered by Jane Chase,  Pauline Marksteiner and Marah Evans

Family Therapy is offered by Jane Chase and Marah Evans

Counsellors: , Jane Chase (Bio and Details), Penny West (Bio and Details), Pauline Marksteiner(Bio and Details)

All Cousellors are BACP Accredited BACP logo

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