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Welcome to Stroud Chiropractor at St Luke’s Therapy Centre

Thank you so much for booking in with us.

Directions to St Luke’s Therapy Centre, 53 Cainscross Road, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 4EX

We are on Cainscross road on the right hand side if you are travelling toward Stroud. If you see Homebase you have gone too far and if you see The Christian Community then we are the next drive. There is a sign saying St Luke’s Therapy Centre on the wall. This is where I am. As you drive into the parking there is a pink building to the left. That is the centre. There is no sign on the building but you cant miss it.

If you come through the doors and find a seat either myself or the receptionist (Denise) will find you. If neither of us are there to greet you you may find a questionnaire on the reception desk with your name on it. This form gives me an idea of who you are and why you are coming to see me, please fill it out carefully. After that is done then you will come through to my office for a chat, here I will ask you some further questions about why you’re coming to see me. After the consultation there will be a clinical examination, I will be focusing on your complaint but I will be including the whole spine in the examination. We will then book a follow up visit where we will discuss your main complaint as well as any issue arising from the examination. If we are in agreement about a course of action and you are happy to be treated (informed consent) we will proceed with your first treatment during that visit.

Thank you so much for choosing Stroud Chiropractor.

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