Anthroposophic Medicine

Anthroposophic medicine is an extension of orthodox medical practice, rather than an alternative. It does not see illness merely as an unfortunate accident or mechanical breakdown, but as intimately connected to the whole person and potentially positive. If met and treated in an appropriate way, illness may bring opportunities for a new balance to be achieved in our lives.

The doctors prescribe homeopathic, herbal and anthoposophic medicines.  These include the prescription of mistletoe usually as small subcutaneous injections.  They may also refer patients to the other anthroposophic therapists working at St Luke’s and in other parts of the country.  Where possible, the doctors like to see patients face to face, at least initially.  However, for patients living at a distance, follow up consultations by Zoom are often possible.

Anthroposophic Medicine doctors are fully qualified in conventional medicine.

Doctors: Dr Michael Evans (Bio and Details), Dr Claudia Kempfen (Bio and Details), Dr Domnita Neagu (Bio and Details)

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