Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique is about overcoming habits – gaining trust – experiencing change through learning how to enable us to engage the body in all that we do.  We often come to seek change when our activities are accompanied by unwanted experience like pain, unease or overwhelm.  Whether we experience this in our countless everyday activities or when we are performing a highly developed skill like music making or sports.  Looking carefully we soon become aware that the want for change confronts us with deep seated habits.

In response to the subtle guidance of a teacher’s hands we become aware that self perception and our reactions are dependent on pattern of habits.  They mostly get the better of us before we can make choices.

The technique is not based on experiences nor movement routines.  At its heart we develop the special human capacity to pause.

Withholding habitual reactions we create and nourish a space within which a rich learning process is kindled, movement frees, breathing frees and we experience a new sense of ease and well-being.

Our Alexander Technique Teacher is Gudi Schepokat (Contact Details)



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