I am here at this point in my life and in these times to share my vulnerability and trust it’s harmonising medicine. Sharing and being vulnerable was the one thing my father couldn’t do (unless he was intoxicated), he remained in a place of ‘fight’ and brought so much suffering and pain to those around him.  I can remember and see my young self, during his times of remorse, with an outpouring of compassion towards him, as one might for a wounded animal, longing for him to find some medicine for his pain and to enact some kind of growth that would mean he could be there for me, a beautiful innocent new being. That inner and outer longing is with me every day.  I name it as innocence, hope, grief and my ‘medicine’. 

It becomes my medicine when I approach it with compassion, this allows the wellspring of spirit, resilience and capacity for love to be opened out through me.  I am a new pupil of ‘learning to follow my ‘instinct’. 

Instinct is that aspect of me that knows what supports my wellbeing and at the same time that aspect of me that I have been taught to mistrust and to question its validity.  The ‘wounded instinct’ is that part of me that cannot protect myself because I have been conditioned throughout my childhood to put others before myself and to please and accommodate people.  

So, I share with you my first attempt at blogging.  I will be crafting words to make visible my inner life, words to make visible my fledgling attempt at interspecies communication and words to share how life unfolds in isolation. 

May my words and hearts sharing nourish and support you in the holding of what stirs in you during this global crisis.  🤍🤍  
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