What we are offering

Anthroposophic Medicine

Dr Claudia Kempfen

Face to face and online consultations

Alexander Technique

Gudi Schepokat (Gudi is at the moment covering for Rachel)

Remote audio sessions as well as face to face sessions but no hands on teaching.


This simple practice offers and encourages us ‘to come back to ourselves’.

The Alexander Technique  is an individual, experiential process of change.

It unfolds in and through warm, vivid and schooled attentiveness to how we move.

The natural relationship between our head ,neck and back and the support of earth

gives each of us a constant to restore and refine our balance.

In the session we will take generous time to see how best you can benefit from this work and establish a way of working.The practice involves lying down on your back on an Alexander table or in the firm support of ground. There will be a Pause :: semi supine mat rolled out .

There is no outer movement excercise involved. With skilled hands-on teaching currently not being possible I use my speaking voice as instrument to guide, reflect and accompany you.

 Contact details.  07914695188

Art Therapy

Nicole Weinberger and Laura Ridolfi

Face to face sessions

Chinese Medicine:  

Paloma Sparrow-

Remote support with lifestyle tools to try and help regulate mind, emotions; movement and exercise; diet and sleep. Can also suggest experienced CHM colleagues if wanted.

Chiropractic, Cranio Sacral Therapy and Healing Appointments:

Andrew Evans.

Face to face and telephonic consultations


Marah Evans, Andrea Sprenger, Penny West, Pauline Marksteiner (individuals and couples), Jane Chase (parenting support, couples and individuals).

New, single or on-going sessions are welcome, using phone, Skype, Whatts app and Zoom calls.

Eurythmy therapist:

Jane Abel.

Face to face sessions


Simon Andrews

Available on facetime or whatsapp

Nonviolent communication

Clare O’Sullivan

Face to face sessions for individuals and couples. Clare also works with communication in parenting.

Singing Therapy and Sensory Integration

Pia Poulsen

Face to face sessions

Therapeutic Speech

Sibylle Eichstaedt

Face to face sessions

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