What we are offering during closure

Dear St Luke’s Friends,                                                                             

New life is burgeoning forth in nature, with the rhythm of new life evidenced everywhere inviting us to be outside as much as we can. However, the reality of Covid-19  is requiring us to remain at home and self-isolate.

It is a time of duality. On one hand, nature is given a space to restore.  People are appreciating a slower pace of life, enjoying more time with loved ones, having space to reflect and to find  deeper  meanings. Many are opening their hearts to each other, stepping forward to help and support and through this creating a greater sense of community. On the other hand, people are also experiencing fear, loneliness, isolation and financial hardship. It is a time where we are called to envisage new possibilities in our own lives, in our communities and in society as a whole, and yet it is also  a very difficult time, challenging each of us on a social, societal and economic level.

Although St. Luke’s  is temporarily closed due to the outbreak, your well-being continues to be very important to us.  Many practitioners are therefore, where possible, offering to continue to work, using electronic methods e.g. telephone calls, Skype, What’s App and Zoom as we are not able to meet in person.

Practitioners currently working are the following:

Anthroposophic Medicine

Dr Claudia Kempfen

Online consultations on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.

Dr Michael Evans is available on Thursday mornings for consultations by phone or Skype. Text him on 07768497560 with your details and contact number and he will telephone you with an appointment.

Chinese Medicine:  

Paloma Sparrow-

Lifestyle tools to try and help regulate mind, emotions; movement and exercise; diet and sleep. Can also suggest experienced CHM colleagues if wanted.

Chiropractic and Healing Appointments:

Andrew Evans.

Telephonic Chiropractic Consultations

There is much I can do on a telephone consultation. A certain amount of diagnosis can be done based on history and having you do some movements over the phone. Exercises recommendations on heat or cold therapy. Rest or exercise? You can take advantage of my clinical skills and knowledge of biomechanics, typical musculoskeletal pathologies, diet and exercise rehabilitation.


Remote Healing Appointments

Remote Healing Sessions are good for relief of some conditions.  Remote healing is a matter of fact as I have experienced it myself and a great many of my clients have experienced it for themselves.



Marah Evans, Andrea Sprenger, Penny West, Pauline Marksteiner (individuals and couples), Jane Chase (parenting support, couples and individuals).

New, single or on-going sessions are welcome, using phone, Skype, Whatts app and Zoom calls.

Eurythmy therapist:

Jane Abel.

Advise on phone or Skype for people who already have a connection with Eurythmy. There are many eurythmy indications for staying well and resilient 


Simon Andrews

Available on facetime or whatsapp

Please contact the practitioners themselves directly using their contact details on the St Luke’s website, should you want to make contact.

We hope you are able to stay safe and well and wish you much courage and strength,

The St Luke’s Team

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