HONESTY WITHOUT HARM Sunday 26th of January 20 9.30am to 5.00pm

A Nonviolent Communication Workshop

It may always be a huge challenge for me to find my voice and courage to express myself to others in times of conflict, especially in close relationships.  In my childhood staying silent in times of conflict was how I managed to stay alive.  And so I always want to stay close to what’s possible for me within my own history and out of my longings. Ultimately with as much self respect and self care as I can manage. A work in progress for the rest of my life.  And so I am very grateful to Marshall Rosenberg for the hope he offers of growing ways to cultivate connection with others through his work Nonviolent Communication.  The hope that I am gradually more resourced to attempt self-expression and to cultivate room in me for the other person’s experience whilst simultaneously holding compassion for my own. Hope can be defined as “The goal, the pathway and the agency” CR Snyder 
HONESTY WITHOUT HARMThe current form that honesty is expressed through in our culture is often through judgment, blame and fault finding.  Someone has done something wrong.  It is unlikely that our longings to  be heard, seen and understood will be fulfled through this approach.  NVC gives us a process which in times of discord and conflict values the needs of all involved, and communicating on the frequency of needs becomes the way of connection.  Needs are universal and so when we name what we feel and need there’s a good chance of being heard and received. 
Join me….Bringing live examples from your own life, join me to practice and explore honesty with yourself in the first instance and from that place honesty with others.  Have a go in a container of compassionate support saying what you want to say, request what you want to request and see how it feels and notice what moves and shifts for you through that practice. Honesty is often equated with ‘doing harm’.  Perhaps you fear hurting another’s feelings? Perhaps you fear losing their love and friendship? Maybe you find it hard to risk authenticity because you hunger for a sense of belonging and connection and fear you won’t have that if you put what matters to you into the mix?   Words Are Windows Or They Are Walls Let’s explore together the language that makes walls a little more porous, that enables us to hold responsibility for what we are experiencing and find our way back to connection with others.  Let’s unpack the beliefs which may be doing their best to protect us but which in fact make it more difficult for us to live according to our values and build the kind of relationships we are longing for.  Find out more and book your place….  

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