Eurythmy Movement Towards Health! New Life, New You this Spring Time!

Winter is the time when we feel like hibernating and, on many levels, ‘withdraw’ into ourselves, our home, read a good book.  It is an effort, amidst the dark, cold and wet, to stick with those resolves to stay healthy, motivate ourselves, sleep well and not fall into the blues…

As spring time approaches new energy could be at our disposal: the sap rises, the light increases and we can feel more positive about exercise and well being. 

Eurythmy Movement is sometimes referred to as “ensouled movement” – in other words, movements which are integrated into our ‘whole self’; emotional. psychological and even spiritual well-being.  Gentle, fluid and rhythmical, the movements involve the whole person who has to be mindful or fully focused on the movements and have a stimulating effect on our self, healing capacity and general vitality.  Eurythmy Movement promotes resilience, well-being, calm ‘centeredness’ and can work on organic problems like indigestion, cancer, respiratory problems as well as sleep disorders, high blood pressure and diabetes – to name but a few. 

Eurythmy Therapist, Jane Abel, works at St. Lukes offering individual sessions and groups on various health issues.  To book a taster session or consultation please call us on 01453 763755 and speak to our receptionist or leave a message. 

Looking forward to your Springtime visit! 

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