Chiropractic involves the Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment of musculoskeletal conditions. We primarily focus on the spine and are best known for our treatment of back pain. That is not all we do, we can also treat a variety of other joints in the body. Muscles, tendons, joints and nerves all form part of our training and therefore are areas that we focus on when we are adjusting our patients.

Chiropractic Treatment

Chiropractic treatment varies from practitioner to practitioner but should always have as its primary objective to release joints that are restricted and align the body. Different styles of chiropractic are:

Diversified Chiropractic

Taught as a basic chiropractic technique it forms a foundation for all the other techniques. I learnt this in college.

Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT)

This works off the idea that the body has a network of interconnected parts that relate to each other especially the Sacrum (Base of the Skull) and the Occiput (Base of the spine). It uses craniopathy and discusses dural tension and birth trauma as a major cause of spinal disruption. The classic tools of SOT are the Chiropractic Wedges. While I use the wedges very seldom now I still use some of the principles of SOT.

McTimony Chiropractic

Uses a much gentler approach but the objective is the same and can achieve results where other techniques fail. I dont use the specific McTimony techniques but I do use gentler techniques for clients who are unsettled by the clicking associated with the more forceful diversified techniques.

Koren Specific Technique (KST)

KST is closely aligned in my opinion with Kinesiology and uses a kind of body questioning system to identify the exact points to adjust. Adjustments are made almost entirely with the use of the Arthrostim. I still use the Arthrostim but have moved beyond the body talk technique.

Instrument Adjusting

Instrument adjusting began as a consequence of chiropractors hands wearing out from repeated adjusting so naturally some of them invented instruments to do the adjusting of the joint for them.


The classic instrument used is the Activator. The activator is a handheld mechanical impulse adjustor that is is it makes a very quick movement directly into the tissue. It is usually has a spring which is loaded and released by a mechanism. I did use an activator but quickly discovered the hazards of repetitive strain.




I use the Arthrostim which is an electrical activator really. Its nice because it impulses at about 12 to 14 impulses per second which helps break down muscle spasm while mechanically releasing the joint.

Therapist: Andrew Evans (Doctor of Chiropractic) (Bio and Contact Details)

The support and treatment he provides is beyond compare

Dr Andrew Evans is very friendly and helpful taking away any nervousness you might feel. The support and treatment he provides is beyond compare and has made a big difference to my life! Liz Hart

Highly Recommended

Dr Andrew Evans is little short of a miracle worker! He transformed me from a hobbling wreck to a reasonable upright and free moving 73 year old!!! Highly recommended. Peter J

Totally Headache Free

I visited Andrew over a year ago because bad headaches were affecting me. With his expertise and knowledge, I am now totally headache free and always leave with a total sense of general well being - feeling totally revitalised!!! Tracey L

Back Problems

I have suffered from back problems much of my life (recently discovered one leg is longer than the other) and must say the longest time pain free was after a series of sessions with Andrew - only not having more because I left the country! Bruce Fenton


I feel so blessed to have met Andrew. I have experienced such a profound level of healing after each treatment I have had, on a mind, body and soul level. Andy is an incredibly caring, professional, wise and knowledgeable Soul and works with such integrity to get to the root of the issue presented enabling healing to take place. The ladies at the centre are so welcoming, calm and approachable too. To echo a previous reviewer, I have found my treatments to be life changing on so many levels. Thank you.

Karen Morgan