Dialoguing with Nature by Karin Jarman

Dialoguing with Nature

The Oasis Programme at St. Luke’s has been going strong for over 12 years now. It is offered to anyone who is searching for the meaning of life, very often prompted by illness or a life crisis that makes us stop and take stock. An Oasis group can be tremendously supportive during such times, through the compassionate and mutual sharing of wisdom over a period of nine months.

Meetings take place on a weekly basis for 3 hours. Increasingly there are requests to teach the facilitation skills required for running such groups, also from abroad. Over the last eight years I have been invited to teach such courses in Spain so that therapists can start their own groups, two of which are now active in Madrid and Barcelona.

My most recent teaching assignment for a group of 30 therapists took place in a beautiful country property near to Montserrat, a 90 minute drive from Barcelona.

We began the day with a silent meditative walk, each time taking a Karin - Blog pic 5different focus – sprouting, budding and new growth; or leafing, spreading and abundance; dying, seeding and receding. As part of a team building exercise we split up into 3 groups of 10 people. Their task was to work with nature and together create a mandala with the materials found in the surroundings. Karin - Blog pic 4On the first day each group chose and marked out their very different locations, one very intimate and hidden, one exposed with breath taking views and one near the studios. The mandalas were developed over the next three days, beginning with the structure, then focussing on enlivening and lastly on ensouling them, all the while working as a whole group. Not surprisingly, there were challenges and potential conflicts to overcome – an essential learning process to find creative ways of resolving them. There was above all, much joy and laughter, singing, chanting and dancing!

To conclude and celebrate our art work we visited each place in turn and were showered with flower petals and greeted with the description of intense group processes that had been experienced, but also saw how the intricate dialogue with nature in its varied manifestations was being mirrored in our own souls.

Karin - Blog pic 3Karin - Blog pic 2Karin - Blog pic 1

The outdoor work was complemented in the studios with art work, paintings and sculpture as well as study and reports from the budding Oasis groups in Spain!

It was wonderful to witness the growing heart warmth, enthusiasm and new ideas that were being discovered to then take home and work with.

Karin Jarman, July 2016

The Oasis Group is run by Karin Jarman and Pauline Marksteiner at

St Luke’s Medical Centre

Please Contact us for more information

Autumn Talks, Explore, Embrace, Expand

Please join us for a series of autumn talks which will be designed to inspire and educate people on what is available at St Luke’s Therapy Centre and explore themes around health and disease.

Dates :

September 15            Mike Gould                       CANCELLED

September 29           Dr Andrew Evans              The Amazing Dr You

October 13                 Rachel Stevens                  Resolving Chronic Pain

October 27                Dr Claudia Kempfen         Anthroposophic Medicine

November 10            Ursula Browning              Eurythmy Therapy

November 24            Simon Andrews               Homeopathy

December 8               Karin Jarmin                    Anxiety and Depression


All talks start at 7.30 admission by donation


St Luke’s Therapy Centre

53 Cainscross Road



St Luke’s Therapy Centre Open Day


St Luke's Open Day 16-06-11Sunday 12th June

11am – 4pm,

53 Cainscross Road, Stroud

Come and visit our recently re-launched therapy centre. Meet the therapists and learn how their approach might help you or someone close to you.

Taster Sessions – Refreshments – Short Talks

Although no longer linked to an NHS practice the St. Luke’s Therapy Centre aims to make treatments affordable and accessible to all.

Everyone Welcome

For more information call 01453 763755

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Sponsored Walk 14 May 2016

Sponsored Walk

Meet Saturday 14th May 9.30 at St. Luke’s Therapy Centre
Do come and join us! This year there are two options:
– Walk from Stroud to Cheltenham (15 miles) led by Karin Jarman. A good level of fitness is required.
– Walk along the canal path to Chalford (7 miles). This is level walking and suitable for families with young children. Led by Linda Aylward. If it seems daunting, just come for a while.
We will meet in the car park of the St. Luke’s Therapy Centre for a prompt 9.30 start.  Bring a packed lunch, plenty of water and come prepared for all weathers.
Patient Therapy Fund We are raising funds to make the therapies at St. Luke’s accessible to all. Participants are encouraged to find as many sponsors as they can. A good target to aim for is between £50 and £100 per person but whatever can be raised will be very helpful.
across the common.
Sponsorship forms are available for download from here.
For further information contact: Karin Jarman

Tel: 01453 757436

email: indigo@phonecoop.coop

Handel Level 1 and Level 2 Combined Course

Handel Level 1 and Level 2 Combined Course

Do you or your child have dyslexia, ADHD, autism, anxiety, speech and language difficulties, dyspraxia, sensory processing issues, Tourettes, or learning difficulties?

Would you like to understand more about root causes of difficulties with sleep, memory, anxiety, behaviour, focussing, academics, or making and keeping friends, and activities and strategies that can help?

HANDLE Level 1 and 2 Combined will forever change your strategies in approaching learning, social and behavioural challenges. This lively and accessible course introduces and explores in depth the principles and foundations of the HANDLE approach, looking at the roots of a wide range of challenges and behaviours.

You will begin to be able to make sense of behaviours for yourself, and understand causes of learning difficulties, inefficiency or stress. You will learn ways to support learning, reduce stress, and enhance potential.

Eleven HANDLE activities are taught over the weekend that can be used and adapted for people of all ages and abilities. Find more information about the course content and book your place at:



St Luke’s Therapy Centre, 53 Cainscross Rd, Stroud, GL5 4EX


6.30 pm – 9.30 pm    Friday 3rd June

9 am – 6 pm              Saturday 4th June

9 am – 4pm               Sunday 5th June


Sean Williams – Europe’s only Level 4 HANDLE Instructor, Assistant Regional Education Director for The HANDLE Institute® and HANDLE Practitioner since 2001.


£275 (£500 for two) including lunch and course materials, or £250 (£470 for two) if booked before April 22nd 2016. Concessions available.



Group Art Therapy Sessions

Group Art Therapy

Karin Jarman offers small supportive ongoing group art therapy in a spacious studio

overlooking our lovely garden and stream. Each participant is

offered their own individual programme according to their needs

and wishes.

Tuesdays 11.00 – 12.30

Thursdays 9.30 – 11.00

Cost: £15 / session  (concessions possible by arrangement)

Book a free half hour interview to find out more

FFI Tel. 01453 757436

email: indigo@phonecoop.coop

Link to PDF poster – http://stlukestherapycentre.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/2016-Feb-poster-plain.pdf


Homeopathy for Parent and Child

Homeopathy for Parent and Child

Led by Simon Andrews Liclsch (Classical Homeopath)

Learn the art of acute remedy prescribing for your children
This workshop is aimed at parents wanting to be more skilled and confident in prescribing acute first aid remedies for their children.

On Saturday 5th of March 2016 9.30 till 12.30

Exchange £20.00

concessions available


by mobile: 07926149647 or

email: localhomeopath@gmail.com

St Luke’s Therapy Centre Open Day

St. Luke’s Therapy Centre Open Day

St Lukes Therapy Open Day

Sunday 24th January


53 Cainscross Road, Stroud

Come and visit our newly re-launched therapy centre.

Meet the therapists and learn how their approach might help you or someone close to you.

Taster Sessions – Refreshments – Short Talks

Although no longer linked to an NHS practice the St. Luke’s Therapy Centre aims to make treatments affordable and accessible to all.

Everyone Welcome

For more information call 01453 763755

St Luke’s Therapy Centre Reopened and Revived

The trustees have for past four months put a lot of work into securing the building and creating a foundation for a private anthroposophical therapeutic and medical initiative at St. Luke’s (please see the attachment from the trust for further details). The therapists and doctors have signed tenancy agreements with the trust.
The St. Luke’s Therapy Centre is open and we are a dedicated and experienced team of Therapists and Doctors. We offer Art Therapy, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Counselling, Eurythmy Therapy, Rhythmical Massage, Singing Therapy, Sensory Integration, Therapeutic Speech, Anthroposophical Medicine and Homeopathy. Please see attachment for further details. More Therapists will join us in the New Year.
It is now time to look towards the future and create a vision for how the therapists, the doctors and the community together can create a centre for wellbeing and healing. The community meeting we had on the 3rd of September ended with the suggestion that we together would create a new model for health that was community based. The purpose of the Therapists and Doctors is to serve the community and to fulfil this purpose we need the engagement and support of the community. To begin a process of creating a vision together we will like to invite you all to a meeting on
Thursday 14th of January 2015 at 7.30 pm at the St. Luke’s Therapy Centre.
We very much hope to see you all there.
We will also like to warmly invite you all to an open day on Sunday 24th of January 2015. This will be the official launch of the new initiative at the
St. Luke’s Therapy Centre and we hope that you will help us make this a special day.

On behalf of the team I wish you all a light filled and peaceful Advent and Christmas

Pia Poulsen