What we are offering during closure

Dear St Luke’s Friends,                                                                             

New life is burgeoning forth in nature, with the rhythm of new life evidenced everywhere inviting us to be outside as much as we can. However, the reality of Covid-19  is requiring us to remain at home and self-isolate.

It is a time of duality. On one hand, nature is given a space to restore.  People are appreciating a slower pace of life, enjoying more time with loved ones, having space to reflect and to find  deeper  meanings. Many are opening their hearts to each other, stepping forward to help and support and through this creating a greater sense of community. On the other hand, people are also experiencing fear, loneliness, isolation and financial hardship. It is a time where we are called to envisage new possibilities in our own lives, in our communities and in society as a whole, and yet it is also  a very difficult time, challenging each of us on a social, societal and economic level.

Although St. Luke’s  is temporarily closed due to the outbreak, your well-being continues to be very important to us.  Many practitioners are therefore, where possible, offering to continue to work, using electronic methods e.g. telephone calls, Skype, What’s App and Zoom as we are not able to meet in person.

Practitioners currently working are the following:

Anthroposophic Medicine

Dr Claudia Kempfen

Online consultations on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays.

Dr Michael Evans is available on Thursday mornings for consultations by phone or Skype. Text him on 07768497560 with your details and contact number and he will telephone you with an appointment.

Chinese Medicine:  

Paloma Sparrow-

Lifestyle tools to try and help regulate mind, emotions; movement and exercise; diet and sleep. Can also suggest experienced CHM colleagues if wanted.

Chiropractic and Healing Appointments:

Andrew Evans.

Telephonic Chiropractic Consultations

There is much I can do on a telephone consultation. A certain amount of diagnosis can be done based on history and having you do some movements over the phone. Exercises recommendations on heat or cold therapy. Rest or exercise? You can take advantage of my clinical skills and knowledge of biomechanics, typical musculoskeletal pathologies, diet and exercise rehabilitation.


Remote Healing Appointments

Remote Healing Sessions are good for relief of some conditions.  Remote healing is a matter of fact as I have experienced it myself and a great many of my clients have experienced it for themselves.



Marah Evans, Andrea Sprenger, Penny West, Pauline Marksteiner (individuals and couples), Jane Chase (parenting support, couples and individuals).

New, single or on-going sessions are welcome, using phone, Skype, Whatts app and Zoom calls.

Eurythmy therapist:

Jane Abel.

Advise on phone or Skype for people who already have a connection with Eurythmy. There are many eurythmy indications for staying well and resilient 


Simon Andrews

Available on facetime or whatsapp

Please contact the practitioners themselves directly using their contact details on the St Luke’s website, should you want to make contact.

We hope you are able to stay safe and well and wish you much courage and strength,

The St Luke’s Team


I am here at this point in my life and in these times to share my vulnerability and trust it’s harmonising medicine. Sharing and being vulnerable was the one thing my father couldn’t do (unless he was intoxicated), he remained in a place of ‘fight’ and brought so much suffering and pain to those around him.  I can remember and see my young self, during his times of remorse, with an outpouring of compassion towards him, as one might for a wounded animal, longing for him to find some medicine for his pain and to enact some kind of growth that would mean he could be there for me, a beautiful innocent new being. That inner and outer longing is with me every day.  I name it as innocence, hope, grief and my ‘medicine’. 

It becomes my medicine when I approach it with compassion, this allows the wellspring of spirit, resilience and capacity for love to be opened out through me.  I am a new pupil of ‘learning to follow my ‘instinct’. 

Instinct is that aspect of me that knows what supports my wellbeing and at the same time that aspect of me that I have been taught to mistrust and to question its validity.  The ‘wounded instinct’ is that part of me that cannot protect myself because I have been conditioned throughout my childhood to put others before myself and to please and accommodate people.  

So, I share with you my first attempt at blogging.  I will be crafting words to make visible my inner life, words to make visible my fledgling attempt at interspecies communication and words to share how life unfolds in isolation. 

May my words and hearts sharing nourish and support you in the holding of what stirs in you during this global crisis.  🤍🤍  
MY BLOGClick here to read my first blog and if you would like to then follow my offerings you will need to select the ‘join now’ button on that page. It includes a story about a hedgehog.  

Eurythmy Movement Towards Health! New Life, New You this Spring Time!

Winter is the time when we feel like hibernating and, on many levels, ‘withdraw’ into ourselves, our home, read a good book.  It is an effort, amidst the dark, cold and wet, to stick with those resolves to stay healthy, motivate ourselves, sleep well and not fall into the blues…

As spring time approaches new energy could be at our disposal: the sap rises, the light increases and we can feel more positive about exercise and well being. 

Eurythmy Movement is sometimes referred to as “ensouled movement” – in other words, movements which are integrated into our ‘whole self’; emotional. psychological and even spiritual well-being.  Gentle, fluid and rhythmical, the movements involve the whole person who has to be mindful or fully focused on the movements and have a stimulating effect on our self, healing capacity and general vitality.  Eurythmy Movement promotes resilience, well-being, calm ‘centeredness’ and can work on organic problems like indigestion, cancer, respiratory problems as well as sleep disorders, high blood pressure and diabetes – to name but a few. 

Eurythmy Therapist, Jane Abel, works at St. Lukes offering individual sessions and groups on various health issues.  To book a taster session or consultation please call us on 01453 763755 and speak to our receptionist or leave a message. 

Looking forward to your Springtime visit! 

January 2020 Newsletter – New Year Detox

New Year Detox-By Simon Andrews Homeopath

At this time of the year there is a lot to celebrate and many people see the festive season as a time to eat drink and be merry. There can be lots of socialising and family time during the dark wintery days and nights.  After it is over many of us ask was all this actually very good for me. Those reflective individuals might then decide to do something about it and DETOX becomes the new buzz word. One might start to Google just how to do it and, as a result, hundreds of different ideas and approaches will come up.

It really does help to have some knowledge and understanding in this subject .For many of us it can be overwhelming and we just decide to give up. Whether you are detoxing because of the time of year or not, it is important to remember that anytime is a good time to detox. We are subjected to so many toxins in our everyday life. Pesticides on our food Antibiotics in meat, heavy metals in fish let alone all the household cleaning products plastic and pollution in our air and water. A US study showed women put 168 chemicals into their bodies each day just by using cosmetics, deodorants and eating an average diet.

At the centre of our bodies ability to cope with this overload the liver is the main organ in maintaining balance. It does a wonderful job but it does need our respect and help sometimes and this is known as a detox.

In order to support our liver we need to reduce the amount of fat, alcohol and chemicals coming into our bodies. We need to increase by at least 2 litres of water a day and, of course, get enough sleep. Sleep is when your liver does most of its good work.

Hippocrates coined a phrase ‘let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food’. In addition to eliminating what is bad for us we need to bring in what is good.  Here are several vitamins & minerals that help support and detox the liver. Zinc, copper, magnesium, molybdenum, selenium and antioxidants C and E. Garlic, spirulina and milk thistle are helpful herbs as well as homeopathic remedies Chelidonium 6c and Nux vomica 6c twice a day for three to five days.

The bowel also plays an important role in detox because, if one is constipated or sluggish, the toxins that the liver is eliminating can be reabsorbed. A good source of fibre along with increased water and exercise all helps.

For more information on homeopathy and detox formulas please visit www.gentlecure.co.uk

Telephone  Simon Andrews Homeopath On 07926149647 Quote detox2020 for a 10% discount on your first consultation fee. (valid until the 1st of March 2020)

Wishing you a healthy 2020!

Simon Andrews