Art Therapy

It is amazing to discover that art has existed at times when we imagine physical survival to have been the uppermost priority. Perhaps this can tell us that the human being has regarded survival of the soul as being at least of equal importance to physical survival, if not more so. The ancient cave paintings testify to this and recently even older works of art have been discovered.

Continuous exposure to the arts is one of the best ways to prepare ourselves for relationship: Much better than relying on the psychological in our approach to life. More important than the particular theme we find in the arts which may give us insight into relationship is the general education in poetic thinking and living that the arts provide. Through immersion in the arts, our reflection on life becomes larger, so that when we are confronted with the challenges of relationship we will have a rich imagination to bring to them and the ability to think poetically.” Thomas Moore “Soul Mates” ISBN 0-06-092-496-9

Art is a gateway into the soul. When we practice art we play- just as earnestly as we did when we were children. We can communicate something from the depth of our soul without using words and can thus be more truly in tune with ourselves.

Art therapy recognises the tremendous power and necessity for art in our lives. It is my firm conviction that life without the presence of art life will become empty and shallow and ultimately lead to illness of both body and soul. We all know that we need to exercise our bodies in order to keep fit. What we may be less aware of is that our soul too needs exercising if it is not to become inert and paralysed, hyperactive or chaotic. Continuing stress, anxiety, depression, worry or a feeling of inadequacy often leads to physical illness.

In the practice of art therapy I use the process of art itself to rekindle the will to be whole. I see the human being itself as a work of art – the beauty and wisdom of our body and the longings and aspirations of our soul. We can describe illness or the feeling of being unwell in artistic terms – what is lacking, what is too much – and in doing so provide the tools to address imbalances. Art becomes becomes in this way the healing agent.

By engaging with certain specific and tailor made artistic exercises, our emotions and feelings can be stimulated, calmed or ordered according to the individual disposition and situation that has led to illness or crisis – and it can be fun too! Many people starting out with Art Therapy often report that their powers of observation have been greatly enhanced, their sensitivity to and appreciation of colours in nature stimulated and that they become aware of hidden parts of themselves and discover an inner source of creativity. Art Therapy can also accompany a person on this journey.

Nicole Weinberger  is the Art Therapist at St Luke’s Therapy Centre.

It has given clear focus to my life.

I have enjoyed my art therapy and the clear focus it has given to my life. My daily purpose and direction has been eased by it. It has freed me up of my pointless baggage. I feel better about my self and my life, more cheerful, much less unhappy. It has been an important process for putting my life into better perspective. I can feel my inner happiness coming through and do feel lighter in myself today-SJT

I will be forever grateful for Karin's help.

I contacted Karin at a very difficult time in my life where I was physically suffering from my many years of mental health issues. I was unable to work and the fear of where to go or what to do was overwhelming. Karin, along with her art therapy was able to help me find a way to function and slowly build on the strengths I needed to pull on to move forward. I have never thought I could draw/paint and was scared to even try, but she encouraged me to have faith in the process. I found the process each week to be so easy to concentrate on that I was able to have a fews hours peace from all the confusion in my head. I was able to see Karin within a good time frame when I was most at need and she supported the urgency to get started on the work, and give invaluable ideas to help in daily life. - Anon

Art Therapy with Karin Jarmin

These sessions were painting the map of my future! I am deeply grateful for this wisdom and expertise that Karin brings to her sessions. A.A.

St Luke's Art Therapy

I now feel armed with knowledge and tools that really help me; not only have I been supported in my journey to get well, but I have also discovered a new way of seeing life and a skill which I had always wished I possessed, but never had the chance or indeed the inclination to follow. With the nurturing and caring support I have received from Karin, I have found within myself a centre of peace, calm and inner confidence which I can use to apply to every day life. H.R.

Dr. H. Joyce (GP)

Art Therapy has been an invaluable asset to what I can offer my patients. They have returned to me stating a significant change and transformation in their lives or simply feeling more empowered to cope with their situation. I can warmly recommend art therapy with Karin Jarman. Dr. H. Joyce

Karin gently guides and encourages

Karin provides a peaceful, secure and calm environment in which one feels free to explore one's inner emotions through colour and art. This was a very powerful process for me and is a true 'therapy' through art because Karin gently guides and encourages you to work through emotions and feelings through your own creations, allowing you to grow, discover and take steps forward with a new found strength. Karin is very intuitive and guides you in a unique way. - T.F.