Alexander Technique

What is the Alexander Technique? 

The Alexander Technique is a unique method that promotes awareness of mind and body in everyday life. It teaches you what not to do, enabling you to move more easily and to react with an increased freedom of choice.

The Technique is gentle and therapeutic and at the same time, educational, giving you the tools to resolve unwanted habit patterns.

You can apply the Technique to everything you do from sitting at your desk to gardening, DIY, driving, public speaking, hobbies… the list is endless.

  • Reduce unwanted tension
  • Improve your posture
  • Reduce pain
  • Manage stress
  • Learn to use appropriate effort
  • Regain poise and inner calm
  • Learn a skill for life

Our Alexander Technique Teacher is Rachel Stevens (Contact Details)


Waiting for surgery

Until I came to see you I was waiting for surgery. With your help I’m now completely free of back pain. B. C., Bristol

I can now carry my shopping again

After 20 years of back pain I can now carry my shopping again! P. Howarth, Stroud

Alexander Technique has been by far the most helpful

Of all the different therapies I’ve tried to cope with my back and neck pain, Alexander Technique has been by far the most helpful.
J.Teakle, Cheltenham

Thank You So Much

It was so lovely to see you again and I cannot thank you enough for coming over to my house and giving me an Alexander lesson.  I am so grateful and lucky to have such a wonderful, intuitive and supportive person in my life as you, who can recharge and restore my inner sense of well-being and self-belief! Thank you so much Rachel. Annabelle Preston, Bristol – Nursery Manager

Penny Scrivener

I am 67 and went to Rachel because of recurrent headaches and migraine which I’ve suffered from since my early twenties.  Chiropractic worked temporarily but the headaches always returned. After just the first session with Rachel I knew that I had found my answer.   I have had ten sessions now and have not had a headache for seven weeks and, despite feeling completely better, I have decided to continue fortnightly for another few weeks because I know the technique has so much more to teach me. It has changed my life in many ways and Rachel is a wonderful example of the Technique in practice. Penny Scrivener, Cheltenham – Nutritionalist

I could feel myself growing taller

After a short demonstration in which Rachel assessed and guided me through some sitting and standing exercises, I could feel myself growing taller. My arms lengthened, I was breathing more evenly and have been making a conscious effort to sit straight, even when driving. Sue Smith, Stroud – Editor of Stroud News and Journal

Increase Confidence

I have learned that Alexander Technique is much more than a way to correct posture. It is about recognising the influence of the body on how we feel and think. In a professional capacity, more recently I have noticed people mention my openness and approachability in meetings. This is a direct result of my improved posture and awareness. Without doubt it has contributed to successful outcomes from meetings, including winning new business. For anyone who has an open mind, is looking to increase confidence and be less self conscious I do not hesitate to recommend Rachel and her teaching of the Alexander Technique. Will Abbott LLB, FCA, AMSF, MInstLM

Alexander Technique

I enjoyed the sessions immensely. Rachel is very calm and reassuring and she put me at my ease. The room in which we worked was quiet and peaceful – a place of quiet sanctuary which made me feel safe and secure.